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A few things I've written down.

  1. Sims 4: Loading Screen Override Mod Overrides and replaces the default loading screen
  2. Sims 4: Unofficial Greggs Stuff Pack This is a work-in-progress stuff pack to make your very own UK-based bakery chain Greggs in the Sims.
  3. Using the YouTube PFP iFrame Embed Config API in React Implementing YouTube’s Player for Publishers Direct Integration at Condé Nast
  4. Creating products for young trans and non-binary people An issue with many products I see is they can exclude young people of different genders
  5. When should you warn people about content at an event? Content warnings are useful but are they actually warning people?
  6. Converting the Beano's Logo to SVG See how we made the Beano logo 20 times smaller.
  7. Using WOFF 2.0 Can Reduce Your Font Size By 30% There are hardly any downsides to using WOFF 2.0, are you using it?
  8. Optimising JavaScript Bundles with webpack-bundle-analyzer How can we tell what we need and don't in our JavaScript bundle?
  9. Why we’re changing our colours We want Farewill to be accessible to as many people as possible.
  10. How to detect and use ‘Do Not Track’ on your website. By Mustafa and Z ❤️
  11. Hackdays aren’t just for the tech department With a little effort you can make your hackday inclusive to more people.
  12. Applying User Testing to Technical Documentation Can it help improve documentation?